A delicious Christmas lunch is served in the restaurant
13.–23.12.2021 Mon-Fri  11.30–14.30.

Price €38 /person

Mulled wine recommendations: HankiBlossa €7,90 / Blossa&Akvavit €8,50 / Blossa Ginger €8,50 / Non-alcoholic Blossa €4,90


Appetizer table

Mustard herring L, G / “Cobbler’s salmon”, salted Baltic herrings L, G / Rainbow trout roe L, G / Sour cream L, G / Red onion L, G / Skagen röra L, G / Warm smoked salmon and dijon mustard sauce L, G / Wild mushroom salad L, G / Green herb salad L, G / Roasted roots & goat cheese L, G / Pickled vegetables L, G / Eggplant & nut salad L, G / Honey rosemary turkey and cranberry jelly L, G / Christmas ham L, G / House mustard L, G / Boiled potatoes L, G / Bread assortment

Wine recommendation: Dreissigacker Organic Riesling 13,90 €/16 cl, 65,00 €/75 cl

Main course options

Fried whitefish L, G
horseradish-butter sauce, roasted potatoes, vegetables


Beef Petit Tender L, G
port wine sauce, musk pumpkin-carrot puree, crispy artichokes


Black bean quinoa croquettes L
musk pumpkin-carrot puree, crispy artichokes and vegetables

Wine recommendation: Oxford Landing Merlot 10.20 € / 16 cl, 48.00 € /75 cl

Dessert table

Mini-cupcakes L / Cheese and fig jam L, G / White chocolate pannacotta and raspberry sauce L, G / Chocolate mousse cake L, G / Gingerbreads L / Chocolates G / Marmalades L, G / Macarons L

Wine recommendation: Banyuls Rimage Domaine Les Clos de Paulilles € 10.70 / 8 cl

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